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EarthCraft: 18 Years of Innovation

Over the course of EarthCraft’s 18 years, more than 40,000 homes have been certified. The program has adapted over the years to address new challenges in the Southeast’s built environment. As we celebrate the program’s 18 year history, here’s a look back at how EarthCraft has evolved and expanded over the years.

EarthCraft House serves single-family detached homes, townhomes and duplexes. With average energy costs 28 percent lower than the typical new home, EarthCraft homes are cost effective, durable and comfortable as well as resource efficient.

In 2001, EarthCraft Renovation was created to offer clear guidelines on renovations for existing homes that would save energy and water while improving indoor air quality. The program has grown in recent years as tax incentives and utility rebate programs have lowered the cost of renovation for consumers.

Launched in 2004, EarthCraft Multifamily was the first multifamily-specific green building program in the nation. The program serves multifamily market-rate and affordable housing units including new construction, renovation, gut rehab and adaptive reuse.

EarthCraft Communities was launched in 2005 to help land developers and government agencies create sustainable communities based on principles of efficiency, resource management, community connectivity and walkability.

Established in 2008, EarthCraft Light Commercial is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible prescriptive pathway to certification for commercial buildings under 25,000 square feet.

EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation, the first green building certification for historic buildings, was founded in 2014. The program provides guidance on alterations that make historic buildings, which represent a high level of embodied energy, more energy and water efficient.