Building Green

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EarthCraft and Green Building

EarthCraft and other green building programs offer smart solutions to maximize efficiency and comfort while reducing the overall impact to our environment. Several factors make up green building

  • Building beyond what is required by code is a common strategy
  • Saving energy and reducing operating costs are part of formula for paybacks to the homeowner.
  • Building green has more resilience and durability – the builder creates a better product.
  • Quality-built green homes have better indoor air quality and comfort levels – the homeowner has a better living environment.

How EarthCraft is Different

Quality and Assurance. All EarthCraft programs use program guidelines, a points-based worksheet, site visits and diagnostic testing to verify that each project complies with program standards.
See Home Energy Rating System

Thoroughness. Project teams work with an EarthCraft Technical Advisor, who provides support in meeting program requirements from early in the design phase until construction is completed.

Customized to the South East. EarthCraft is designed to work with the climate conditions specific to the Southeast. Insulation and air conditioning strategies differ from northern to southern climates; rather than suggest a general strategy for all construction, our program designs homes to effectively deal with the climate specific to this area.