EarthCraft Programs

photo-programIn 1999, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface developed the EarthCraft regional green building program. Since then, more than 25,000 homes, multifamily units and commercial buildings have achieved EarthCraft certification. The EarthCraft program works with builders from across six states to construct and renovate homes and buildings that are uniquely suited to the climate conditions of the Southeast. Since its establishment, EarthCraft has expanded from single family houses to include renovations, communities, multifamily homes and light commercial buildings – each with guidelines that incorporate sensible, sustainable techniques to conserve energy, water and other resources resources, and that save money for builders and occupants alike.

The colored dot's do not represent actual home locations, rather they are aggregated homes located within distinct zip codes.


The EarthCraft House program certifies homes that are sourced, constructed and designed to minimize harmful environmental impacts. EarthCraft homes also save homeowners a projected 28 percent on their energy bills, relative to comparable buildings that use standard construction methods.


EarthCraft Renovation sets standards for renovations or additions to existing homes, enabling them to increase efficiency and maximize performance. EarthCraft Renovation also assists homeowners and builders in identifying and addressing the causes of common problems like uncomfortable rooms, high energy bills, poor indoor air quality and combustion safety issues. These concerns are all addressed during the renovation process.


The EarthCraft Communities program assists land developers and local government agencies in creating sustainable communities. The program emphasizes energy- and water-efficient new homes and buildings, low-impact development, walkable design and community connectivity, transit-ready density, effective stormwater management, access to open space, and more.


EarthCraft Multifamily – the first multifamily-specific green building program in the nation – provides certification standards for new multifamily construction, and renovation of affordable and market-rate multifamily projects.


The EarthCraft Light Commercial program provides a cost-effective and environmentally responsible framework for commercial buildings sized 15,000 square feet or less. The program provides a prescriptive pathway to assist applicants in obtaining certification through independent third-party site visits, testing and documentation processes.


EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation is a regional green building certification program created specifically for historic buildings. The program is designed to evaluate and highlight what is inherently sustainable about historic buildings while providing guidance on appropriate alterations to make them more energy and water efficient.