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Logo Guidelines

EarthCraft logos may be used to market an EarthCraft project which has been submitted for, or has received, EarthCraft certification. The EarthCraft logo identifies a project that meets EarthCraft program criteria, and therefore, should only be used in materials that promote this project. The following terms and conditions apply:

Who may use the EarthCraft logo?

Only EarthCraft certified program participants (Builders, Renovators, EarthCraft Technical Advisors, EarthCraft Real Estate Professionals, and EarthCraft HVAC Professionals) in good standing may use the EarthCraft logo specific to their trade EarthCraft certification.

Acceptable uses

Interested parties may use the EarthCraft logo to market registered EarthCraft projects. Acceptable logo placement includes:

  • Print ads, brochures, flyers, tradeshow exhibit material and signage publicizing a registered EarthCraft project, and
  • Letterhead, business cards or professional Web sites that identify an individual or organization as an EarthCraft program participant.

File Types

The following file types are available:

  • JPG: This is the preferred format for Web and PowerPoint applications. It should always be displayed in color and must be scaled to fit specific applications.
  • EPS: This is the preferred format for print publications. An EPS can be tailored for four-color printing, two-color spot printing or one-color black-and-white printing. EPS files are infinitely scalable, although printer specific drivers are required. EPS images are ideal for PDF files.

If you have another means of publicizing your EarthCraft project, please contact us.


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